Sold at Green Collar Cannabis and other dispensaries throughout Washington.

Sticky gorilla #4 is a Sativa highbred stain descending from Sour Dubb crossed with Chocolate Diesel it has a Sour Gas Smell with Pungent Earth Undertones giving it a thick skunky smell like cheese and diesel. Great for social gatherings like festivals and creative planning.

Grown by Khush Kush
Indoor Farm in Bellingham, WA. has top shelf, pesticide-free cannabis products with an emphasis on flavor profile and consistency. Family owned, hand trimmed and sustainably grown. Exactly what we like to promote here at ZaktiVibe small sustainable conscious businesses.

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I received this vaporizer from puri5 as a gift to try. This review is of my opinion puri5 has not asked me to say or leave out any information. I bought the Sticky Gorilla from Khush Kush at Green Collar Cannabis neither were knowing of my review before I posted. If you have a product you would like me to review please message me at


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