Smartomi Bluetooth Headphone Review


So i just got a cheap pair of bluetooth headphones from amazon for work. I kept my budget under $40 because i didn’t want to take my nice pair of headphones to work and have them get destroyed. After coming through hundreds of styles and brands I decided to go with the Smartomi over-ear bluetooth headphones, with Mic, aptX HiFi Stereo, Soft Protein Earmuffs, Metal Adjustable Headband with a 3.5mm headphone jack just in case your device dose not have bluetooth capability. Lately I have been working 12-13 hour day’s so I wanted to make sure I could make it through a day without needing a recharge because taking the headphones off to charge is not an option with how noisy work is. When I saw that the Smartomi got up to 16 hours of battery and read reviews that confirmed it I knew I had to give them a shot. One of the first things I observed when I opened my package is how light the Smartomi headphones are there is nothing to them which is great after 12 hours on the job to not feel the weight of the headphones. Their simple design make them super easy to use one simple click and i can pause what I am listening to and can easily hear coworkers or hit the forward button to skip a song and control the volume without having to grab for my phone. Everything worked right out of the box with no special app or settings needing to be changed, linked up with google assistant immediately allowing me to make and receive call as simple as asking the assistant. I have been using these headphones for two weeks now and have no complaint other than every once in a while I get interference in the bluetooth causing a crackling sound but I feel it is the app I amusing at the moment and not to the fault of the headphones because if I close the app and restart the issue seems to go away. I feel the Smartomi bluetooth headphones deserve a five star review because you are getting way more that you are paying for at a price anyone can afford.

If you would like to get a pair for yourself to try, they are available on Amazon click > Smartomi

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