Day 2 of my 30 day Youtube Challenge Tonight’s Topic Dash Digital Cash


Day Two of my 30day challenge and I am talking about Dash. Dash is much like bitcoin but much more private, with instant transactions. Dash is the payment system of the future and best of all it is self governed and self sustaining. Everything needed to keep dash going is governed by the code. Dash has a treasury to fund development in all areas. The masternodes that allow the system to perform instant transactions vote on proposals to improve dash those proposals are paid in Dash from the treasury. The miners that verify the transactions on the blockchain receive 45% of the freshly minted dash another 45% goes to the masternodes and the remaining 10% goes to the treasury. With Bitcoin the miners recieve 100% of the new Bitcoin leaving development to volunteers and donations.

Sorry around the 6 minute mark I start calling Dash Bitcoin Joel sent me Dash not Bitcoin funny I did not catch myself.

This is your opportunity to ask me anything. I am taking on a challenge to go live every day for at least 30minuts. anything is open for discussion and I will be talking about what has been on my mind most lately and that is crypto currencies like Bitcoin.

I use coinbase to buy my Bitcoin, Lightcoin, and Etherium here is a link to get $10 in free bitcoin when you buy you first $100 in cypto!

To buy dash and other altcoins I use Changelly they are not the cheapest but I have never had an issue and that makes the little extra charge worth it to me. click on the link to start trading your favourite cryptocurrency’s

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This is not professional financial advice this is of my own opinion and should not be taken as investment advice.


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