Are you thinking about buying a new vaporizer?
In this video I will be reviewing the Aveator 3 from Puri5

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First off I just have to start by saying I received this vaporizer from puri Five with the assumption that I might do a review but no guarantee and I always reserve the right to give my own honest opinion

This video was made in Washington a legal recreational marijuana state.

Are you ready for the best part

Let’s put the aviator three to the test.
First, we will pack it up and take a rip
Second, we will try the no spill water bubbler
Third, we will go through all the features

I have been using the Aviator every day for the past two weeks!

Let’s pack up some ganja and see how it rips.

Take a rip with the mouthpiece than another one with the bubbler say what you like about the bubbler

One thing I noticed right off the bat is the aviator three has a timer that let you know how many seconds you have left to the round.
So that friend of yours that’s always nursing in the bowl
Now you can say hey bro it’s been 30 seconds hit that shit already

If you flip it over you will find an intake valve giving you the power to control the size of your tokes.

Another feature I like is it vibrates to let you know if is turning on, off, and when it is ready to be puffed.

The urbanomic design allows it to fit snug in your hand.
You will never want to put it down.
I really like that none of the mouthpiece and smoking chamber is plastic. Only ceramic glass and metal.

One button makes it super easy to operate and a threadless mouthpiece makes it super easy to load and unload plus no threads to clean a huge upgrade from the aviator two.
The interface is easy to navigate five clicks turns it on and off.
Holding the button down for three seconds will change the temperature you have eight different predetermined temperature settings to choose from
Starting at 320°F and going to 450°F not sure why the skipped 420 the best temp but hay its a great vape
For flower I like to start at 400 and finished off at 450°F
moving the temperature up every round
I normally get 4 to 5 rounds off of every bowl.
The aviator three holds about the same amount of weed as the bowl on your bong
So instead of one fat rip that last you about 20 seconds
you get a good solid 15 minutes of fat rips
Making this vaporizer super efficient

You can change the temperature while it’s warming up.
It’s nice to choose what you want while you wait
speaking of waiting, it warms up fast unlike some vaporizers that take more time to heat up than it takes to vape.

If you think this is dope comment 420

The aviator three is great for concentrates simply add some to your flower or use the bucket that is included.
As soon as I make the video on using concentrates with the aviator three I’ll leave the link at the end of the video

The best thing about this Vape is it’s long battery life I was able to get 16 rounds before needing a charge. It does take about 2 1/2 hours to charge from a dead battery to a full battery
The battery in the aviator three is not replaceable and you can’t use it while charging like you can in the magnum two and déjà vu

The strong aluminum shell makes it durable.
With how nicely it fits into your hands you are very unlikely to drop this Vape and if you do break a mouthpiece puri Five has replacements just click on the link and you’ll be back up and going in no time

Overall I feel this is an amazing vaporizer for $100

Well that’s my honest review.

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