This is the start to you may be wondering what is zaktivibe well zakti is Sanskrit for energy and vibe is short for vibration the base of the universe energy and vibration, it’s all waves. My name is Stanley and I created zaktivibe as a way to express my life in the virtual world my energy and vibration given over to everyone and anyone who is interested. You will see my videos hear my music feel my art my life what I do what I use what I see how I feel. This is my ego brought to the digital world for your consumption, contemplation, and pure entertainment. I encourage you to capture the art in your life be the shining star you have always dreamed of because at the end of the day what we give the world is all we have to be remembered by. Do we want to live a life of boredom doing the same old thing or do we want to live a life that is worth making a TV show about. We are so lucky to have a universe that allows us to have the opportunity to express ourselves potentially to every living human on the planet and possibly beyond. We are all in the same bubble floating through space at 66,600 mph around a flaming gas bubble worming our lives and bringing us nourishment. The fact that we exist means we are a special unique experience, so lets live a life to be excited about. So cheers to living life on our own terms and leaving a trails of experience that will be worth remembering.