I just got over 2,500 views on my Puri5 Magnum2 review on youtube this is such a proud moment for ZaktiVibe

I fist reviewed the magnum2 after purchasing it on Amazon.com and was so impressed with how well it works I just had to share it with the world. The magnum2 is in a class of it’s own with the ability to control to the degree temperature a three stage airflow controller. It is high tech and simple to use the best of both worlds, this is truly the future direction of vaping so discrete you can take it anywhere and delivers massive rips without combusting your herb. It simply heats the incoming air so your herb never comes in contact with the heating source for true vaping unlike other cheap knock off’s we have all tried I was so impressed with the magnum2 I have used it every day seance Christmas 2016 and it has not failed to delivers superb vaper. I started vaping in 1990 when it was a modified soldiering iron in a glass globe with now temperature control just plug in the wall and wait the first few rips where nice but soon the herb would catch on fire and it was no different that a lighter except no butane. Vaping technology has come a long way’s sence the 90’s and Puri5 is leading the way with there line of vaporizers check them out and you will be impressed. https://www.puri5.com/




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